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MOODA Legacy

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MOODA LegacyMOODA Legacy

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Version : 1.40.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 228,62 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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[MOODA Legacy App Announcement]
#The previous MOODA app has been changed to MOODA Legacy app.
Since launching the initial MOODA app and updating various features, it has evolved to its current form. We started with a light-hearted approach but put in efforts to provide a service that is more valuable than its selling price, thanks to the love and support from many users.

The previous MOODA app was implemented to store data only on the device without server integration. As we provided data backup/restore through external cloud integration, there were several issues that were difficult to control internally. To provide better long-term service, we decided to keep the previous MOODA as MOODA Legacy app and release a new MOODA app.

While the previous MOODA app was a lightweight utility app, the new MOODA app will be a service with features such as account login and social functionalities. Users who have purchased and used the app can continue to use the MOODA Legacy app. If you have deleted the app from your device, you can reinstall it from App Store > Account > Purchased Items > My Purchases.

#Data Transfer Feature for Those Who Want to Move from the Previous MOODA App to the New MOODA App
The new MOODA app offers most of the features provided by the previous MOODA app for free, along with additional new features. However, the significant difference is that it is no longer just an app for individual use but an app that can be used together, with the introduction of account-based login services. For those who want to use the new MOODA app, we have developed a feature to transfer diary data from the previous MOODA app to the new MOODA app. Developing data transfer functionality from the server-integrated new app was not an easy task and we are investing costs for this task. However, we have made diligent efforts to securely encrypt the existing diary data of users who want to use the new MOODA app and store it on the server, ensuring a continuous experience. Also, during the first month of the new app launch, we have prepared a small gift for existing users who have completed data transfer.

#The new MOODA app will be released with the original name “MOODA.”
You can search “MOODA” on the App Store to find the new version of this app.

We strive to create a space where you can record your emotions, connect with your loved ones more closely, and archive and connect your daily life, memories, and preferences with MOODA.

We appreciate your attention and support.
Thank you.

Version 1.40.0

Changements récents
* A menu is added to change the app icon(removing LEGACY mark)
* A menu is added to transfer data to the new MOODA app(removing NEW MOODA icon on main screen)
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